There are several solar companies in Utah County, but none match our drive and passion for helping residents find the best renewable energy option for their homes.

At Smart Wave Solar, we offer top-notch system installations, work with a service-oriented mindset, and aim for customer satisfaction with our keen eye for detail. Our work doesn’t end with putting up the solar panels in your Utah home—we want to set you up for decades of convenience and reliability when you go solar with us.

Solar Energy in Utah County

The future of solar energy in Utah County is bright. More and more homeowners are shifting to renewable energy to power their homes. And with prices predicted to decline steadily over the years, going solar is worth the investment, particularly with the following upsides:

Increases Home Value

Install solar panels to edge out the competition in a hot real estate market should you decide to sell your home. Price your property higher than others, and potential buyers are still willing to pay a premium for future cost savings.

Saves Money

Generate enough power to cover your home’s energy needs, thus reducing monthly utility bills. You’re also protected against rising electricity costs, so you save more in the long run.

Prepares You for Emergency

Have electricity during sudden or prolonged grid outages by equipping your solar PV system with batteries. Even if the grid is down for maintenance or from natural disasters, you can continue running essential appliances with an energy storage system.

Solar Savings

Solar companies in Utah County know how much a household can save—on costs and the environment—by going solar.

Net Metering

Local utility companies support solar savings through their net metering programs. This allows power-generating customers to transfer surplus electricity onto the public grid and earn bill credits. Use these credits to offset drawn power from the utility.

Rocky Mountain Power also has the Wattsmart Battery program. Under it, solar PV systems with particular backup batteries will receive generous credits for sharing stored energy during outages. Rocky Mountain Power will control your batteries as part of their power grid, turning them on and off as necessary.

Although Lehi and Provo are not under Rocky Mountain Power, don’t worry—your local utility provider offers net metering even if you reside in these areas.

Tax Credit

Deduct 26% of solar panel installation costs from your federal taxes with the federal solar tax credit. By 2023, the rate will decrease to 23%. If you don’t use the full credit the first year, it will roll over until you have used the entire credit or claimed the credit 5 times. While there’s no dollar cap, it only applies to systems purchased outright, so you have to own the solar panels instead of signing a lease or PPA.

Utah also offers state tax incentives for homes with installed renewable energy systems. As of 2022, the maximum tax credit is $800. However, it will only be $400 by 2023 and none starting in 2024.

Save the Environment

Most of the state’s electricity is generated by burning coal, resulting in pollution and climate change from toxic emissions. When you shift to solar, you save more than just money. You also preserve the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, which pollutes and causes thermal inversion in the Utah valley.

Areas of Service in Utah County

Not all solar companies in Utah County are as committed as Smart Wave Solar—we are happy to go anywhere from Lehi to Payson and beyond to be of service.

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