Solar Installation in Lindon, Utah

Odds are, if you live in Lindon, you love the great outdoors. Let Smart Wave Solar help you embrace another aspect of nature that can improve your daily life. Talk to us about going solar in Lindon.

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How Much Can You Save With Solar?

Lindon Solar Savings

Going solar in Lindon, UT, offers more saving opportunities than you might think.

Solar power is undergoing more and more technological advances every day, which makes harnessing the sun’s energy even more effective. It’s easy to assume this cutting-edge technology is out of your price range, but there are several things to consider before arriving at that conclusion.

Smart Wave Solar understands how to make the most of federal, state, and local incentives to help make solar installation available at much lower rates. It is even possible to go solar with zero money down. Plus, your metered relationship with Rocky Mountain Power has the potential to generate monthly energy payouts to help reduce your monthly bill.

Paying for your solar installation with monthly installment payments means a predictable, unchanging bill over many years. Enjoy the security of solar power and dependable bills while your neighbors rely solely on Rocky Mountain Power (and continue to see rates increase).

Increase Your Home’s Equity

Installing solar panels on your Lindon home pays you back in more ways than one. You’ll enjoy a stable monthly payment for years to come, potential energy buyback income from your local power company, and noticeably increased home equity.

Savvy home buyers know the power and potential of solar installations. Homes with solar panels often sell faster—and for more money—than similar homes without solar in the Lindon area.

Backup Battery

Take advantage of solar power anytime you need it. With Smart Wave Solar’s portable backup battery option, you can have emergency power wherever and whenever you need it.

Emergency Backup System

Don’t let the next winter storm leave you without power for days. Smart Wave Solar offers the peace of mind that comes with an emergency backup system. No matter the weather or situation, your emergency backup system will be charged and ready to keep your essential household and medical equipment up and running for total peace of mind.

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Providing Solar in Utah County

Smart Wave Solar is your source for optimum solar installation in Utah County. We proudly serve the following communities along the Wasatch front with the best solar solutions available:

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  • Lindon

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