Solar Installation in West Jordan, Utah

If you’re looking into solar panels, you may be familiar with the benefits of converting your home to a solar energy system. But at Smart Wave Solar, we take it a step further, offering facts and statistics to explain why solar panels are the way to go. You can stop your search for solar companies in West Jordan; Smart Wave Solar is the one to trust.

How Much Can You Save With Solar?

Solar Panel Cost Benefits

Although the initial cost from solar installers in West Jordan is more than you’re spending on electricity each month, there are plenty of reasons to make the switch. When you think big-picture, solar panels win every time.

When looking at straight costs, it’s vital to look at the data showing the year-by-year incremental electricity price increases. Between 2000 and 2017, that study shows the cost of electricity in the average Utah home nearly doubled. It also assessed the price of solar panels, proving that many solar companies have maintained consistent pricing for solar energy services, including solar panel installation.

Increase Your Home’s Equity

If you own your house, adding solar panels will provide even more benefits. When hiring a solar installer in West Jordan, you’re essentially hiring someone to increase the value of your home. Statistically speaking, houses with solar panels sell for 4.1% more than houses without.

Not only are you saving money by switching from traditional electricity, but you’re also making the smart choice for yourself if you choose to sell the house in the future. It’s a win-win!

Emergency Power Options

It’s essential to plan ahead when switching to solar panels in case of an emergency. Any source of electricity has points of vulnerability, so consider how you can protect your home and family from the effects of an outage.

Backup Battery

Most solar energy systems stop working when the power goes out. But with a backup battery in place, your system can continue to run during an outage.

We’ll give you a free backup battery if you refer four households to Smart Wave Solar. Your referrals don’t have to make a purchase for you to receive your complimentary battery.

Emergency Backup System

We understand that a power outage can range anywhere from an inconvenience to a threat to your life, so we offer solutions to protect our clients. Our emergency power systems have multiple features for your convenience.

Sometimes when power outages occur, you don’t know when you’ll have power again. With our emergency power systems, you can decide where the power goes, selecting the most important devices and appliances to receive the remaining charge. You can also monitor how long your supply will remain and even take your system with you, charging whatever you need, wherever you may be.

Providing Solar in Salt Lake County

If you’re in Salt Lake County, Smart Wave Solar is eager to assist you with your solar panel needs. Learn more about us and what we offer to local homeowners. We provide service for those located throughout Utah County as well.

If solar panels seem right for your West Jordan home, contact Smart Wave Solar for a quote today.