Farmington, UT, Solar Installation

Our Smart Wave Solar team proudly provides top-notch Farmington solar panel installations. From helping you pick out your solar panels to helping you maintain them for decades to come, you can trust our expert technicians.

How Much Can You Save With Solar?

We understand the importance of customer service, meaning we help our customers truly understand the advantages of solar panels. We pair high-quality materials and technology with next-level services. One in three of our customers is referred to us by a friend who had Smart Wave Solar install their solar panels.

The Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy

Smart Wave Solar is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We understand that switching to solar energy is a big change. Therefore, we always listen to your wants and needs when discussing the solar energy options that are right for you.

Increase Your Home’s Equity

You may already know that installing solar panels can help you save money. However, alongside reducing those pesky monthly energy bills, you can also increase your home’s equity.

Buyers are more likely to pay premium prices for homes outfitted with solar panels. These homes mean lower energy bills and contribute to a smaller carbon footprint for the planet. On average, a home with installed solar panels can sell for 4.1 percent more.

Emergency Backup Battery

At Smart Wave Solar, we can offer you an emergency backup battery to accompany your solar-powered system. An emergency backup battery is a portable short-term power supply you can take to any place you need power, including essential medical equipment, or a camping trip with a portable refrigerator.

An Emergency Backup System

The solar installation includes an emergency power supply as part of our emergency backup system to keep you safe in a blackout. If the power grid goes down, our system is designed to let you prioritize which electrical appliances need power the most and let you know how long it can support the devices plugged into it.

Whether you need power during an emergency or want to be able to charge your phone during a camping trip, our backup systems are versatile. Our backup systems can provide energy for days, helping you weather even the toughest situations.

Get a Quote

From reducing your carbon footprint to surviving a blackout and slashing those monthly energy bills, switching to solar energy has many benefits. Estimate how much you can save with your solar panels today by calling Smart Wave Solar at (801) 944-7775 to get a quote!

Providing Solar in Salt Lake County

If you’re in Salt Lake County, Smart Wave Solar is eager to assist you with your solar panel needs. Learn more about us and what we offer to local homeowners. We provide service for those located throughout Utah County as well.

If solar panels seem right for your Farmington home, contact Smart Wave Solar for a quote today.