Installing Solar Panels in Denver

Want to save money on your utility bills while also making a difference to the environment? The solution may lie in solar energy. Smart Wave Solar provides solar energy solutions to homeowners here in Denver, Colorado. Let’s look at how you can benefit from installing our home solar panels in Denver.

How Much Can You Save With Solar?

Solar Power in Denver

Colorado is one of the sunniest states in the United States, receiving about 3100 hours of sunshine every year. It is also one of the country’s leading generators of solar energy.

When you install a solar panel system on your Denver home, you’ll be able to generate a lot of energy from the sun. It might even be possible to completely disconnect from the local power grid by installing a large enough solar panel system, saving you thousands of dollars over its useful life.

And if you do decide to stay connected to the grid, Smart Wave Solar can set up an emergency-ready solar battery system so your home can still have power in case of outages.

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Your Solar Savings in Denver

Let’s check out some of the ways you could save money with your solar panel installation in Denver:

Net Metering

Xcel Energy, Denver’s main electricity provider, offers net metering packages for residents with solar panels in Denver. When customers generate more solar energy than they consume, they can receive credits that can be used to reduce future utility bills.

Tax Credit

Denver residents can take advantage of the federal tax credit for solar panel systems. This credit amount is 26 percent of your solar installation cost, which you can deduct from your federal income taxes. However, keep in mind that the federal tax credit will be lowered to a 22 percent deduction at the end of 2022. The residential credit drops to zero after 2023, so be sure to make the most of your savings and go solar as soon as you can!

Tax Breaks

Colorado also has tax breaks that Denver homeowners can enjoy. For instance, solar panel systems don’t have any sales tax included. Solar panels also won’t increase your home’s property taxes.

The Future Is Bright with Solar Power

Your search for solar panel companies in Denver is over! With the city moving toward clean, renewable energy sources, it’s time for you to take a step toward a more sustainable future too. Smart Wave Solar has a certified team ready to help you set up solar panels on your Denver home. You can get in touch with us here on our website or call our Denver office at (720) 547-3422.