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Power Through Grid Outages

Our systems aren’t just about saving you money–they will provide you peace of mind. Most solar stops working when the power goes out, but our patent pending technology will provide you with an emergency power supply. We are able to do this for no extra cost.



Our goal is to meet the energy needs of our customers and provide the best solar solution for your home. We will go over all of your questions, from projected savings estimates to discussing the soar financing and purchase options that will work for you. What’s important to you is important to us, and we are committed to working with you in designing the perfect system to meet your needs.

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Our solar installations include the industry’s best technology and products. Our install members hold the highest credentials and certifications. Generate solar energy and save money without sacrificing your curb appeal!

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Enjoy total peace of mind as you watch your solar panels work. This warranty guarantees the actual output of your solar energy system, ensuring that it will produce solar energy for many years to come.

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We will give you a $100 Gift Card when you let us give you a solar bid. No purchase necessary. No high pressure sales.

Most homes qualify–we’ll let you know upfront.

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Solar Panels That Power Savings


Our solar panels not only generate energy on your roof, they can also generate cash in your pocket. That’s because when you go solar you can save on your monthly utility bill and secure lower fixed energy rates for years to come. The savings over time add up and allow you to plan for your future. See how quality, savings and affordability make going solar the right choice.


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Benefits Of Solar Energy


  • Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills
  • Earn a great return on your investment
  • Protect against rising energy costs
  • Increase your property value
  • Boost U.S. energy independence
  • Create jobs and help your local economy
  • Protect the environment
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability