Solar Panel Installation in Orem, Utah

Solar energy adoption continues to rise in the country as solar energy becomes more accessible and affordable. Over the last decade, solar use has seen an average annual growth rate of 33% and reached enough capacity to power 24 million American homes.

How Much Can You Save With Solar?

Utah is among the fastest-growing states for solar energy, and Orem homeowners can make the most of this opportunity. By investing in solar panels in Orem, UT, you’ll enjoy significant energy savings, a high return on investment, and reduced grid dependence.

Smart Wave Solar makes switching to solar easy and convenient for Orem homeowners. We’ll work with you from design to installation and ensure you’ll get the most out of your investment for decades.

The Benefits of Going Solar in Orem

Going solar provides homeowners with several advantages that make the switch appealing. Here’s why solar panels in Orem are a worthwhile investment.

Substantial Energy Savings

When you switch to solar, you produce your own clean energy, dramatically reducing your utility payments. With Smart Wave Solar, you can get solar panels in Orem with zero down and lock in your energy costs. Over time, your solar system pays for itself, and you’ll save more money as the cost of grid electricity continues to rise.

Security and Resilience

Grid-based electricity is more susceptible to blackouts, voltage dips, and outages during adverse weather conditions. A reliable backup power supply can provide invaluable peace of mind for Orem homeowners. At Smart Wave Solar, we’ve developed a patented technology to provide our clients with an emergency solar system power supply at no additional cost.

Environmental Friendliness

Solar energy is a free, abundant, and renewable resource that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. By installing solar panels in Orem, UT, you reduce your home’s environmental footprint and dependence on carbon-emitting energy sources. Moreover, you can sell your surplus solar energy back to the grid, reducing this collective dependence.

Increased Property Value

Investing in solar panels in Orem, UT, increases your home’s value, as solar systems are considered valuable home upgrades. According to a recent industry study, homes with solar installations can sell for 4.1% more than homes without solar panels. Sustainability is now a critical factor in home-buying decisions, making solar systems an attractive investment.

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Reasons to Go Solar with Smart Wave Solar

At Smart Wave Solar, we’re committed to providing our clients with the best solar solution for their homes. We tailor our systems to fit your unique energy needs and budget. From solar system design to installation and maintenance, you can rely on Smart Wave Solar to provide high-quality service.

Locally Owned and Operated

While there are several solar companies in Utah County, none matches our dedication and passion for helping Utah residents get the best solar energy system for their homes. Providing value is our primary goal, and we ensure all your questions are answered immediately.

We Value Your Trust

At Smart Wave Solar, we serve with the utmost integrity. When you choose our solar panels in Orem, UT, our certified, licensed, and experienced team will do the job for you. We use the industry’s best technology and products and guarantee high-quality solar installation and customer service.

A Solar Energy 25-Year Warranty

Our service continues even after solar installation. We value your peace of mind, so we offer an industry-standard 25-year warranty for your solar system. Apart from getting a high-quality, custom-designed solar system, you also get a dedicated team ensuring you make the most of your investment for decades.

We’ll Help You Stay Powered Through Emergencies

We’ve created a patented, reliable emergency power supply available at no additional cost for our clients.

Estimate Your Cost Savings Today!

How much can you save by switching to solar panels in Orem, UT? We conduct a full shade analysis for your home to determine how much power you need and estimate how much you can save. Then, we’ll walk you through your financing options and how your new solar system will look in your home. Reach out today to estimate your cost savings!

Smart Wave Solar Proudly Serves Utah County

At Smart Wave Solar, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch solar installations in Utah county. We custom-design our solar systems to give Utah residents the highest possible value and savings. When you need solar panels in Orem, UT, look no further than Smart Wave Solar. Our services are available in the following areas:

  • Alpine

  • American Fork

  • Bluffdale

  • Cedar Hills

  • Draper

  • Eagle Mountain

  • Elk Ridge

  • Highland

  • Lehi

  • Lindon

  • Mapleton

  • Orem

  • Payson

  • Pleasant Grove

  • Provo

  • Salem

  • Santaquin

  • Saratoga Springs

  • Spanish Fork

  • Springville

  • Vineyard

  • Woodland Hills