Some people say that solar is too expensive and it’ll never pay for itself. Other people will tell you that you can save an enormous amount of money with solar, and a lot of people wonder what’s really true today I’m going to go through a specific example and show you the numbers behind it and show you that you really can save an enormous amount of money with solar.

Let’s assume that you’re paying $150 a month right now for electricity with the power company. Over the next twelve months, that would be one $800. Over the next 30 years, that would be $54,000. That’s a lot of money, but it’s actually going to be even more than that because that assumes that the price of electricity never changes. But that’s not been the case. Historically. The price of electricity has been going up quite a bit each year.

And this is an actual graph of that data. So you can see that the average household in Utah in the year 2000 was paying $500 a year for electricity. In 2017, it had almost doubled, and the average household was spending about a year. The price of electricity really has been going up. It was about 4% per year that I figured out in this analysis.

And looking across the country, looking at Colorado, looking at other areas all across the US. That’s a pretty good average for what has been happening with price increases. Some have actually been increasing their prices faster, and experts agree that that is expected to continue. Now. That was before we started experiencing all this inflation and crazy energy cost, and price increases at the pump, and in other areas.

And so now the price of electricity is expected to go up even faster than this, especially in the short term. We could see some big jumps.

If you look at this website, it shows the price increases that have been happening from August of last year to August of this year. And you can see there’s a bunch of states where they have had price increases on their electricity by 20% to 40% over the last year.

It takes a little bit of time for the power company to go through the red tape that it takes, but major price increases in electricity are expected over the coming months and years. But even if we leave that out for the sake of this analysis, let’s just go with what have been the historical price increases. If we look at that, we can forecast what you’re going to spend with the power company over the next 30 years.

So if you look at this graph, this shows that somebody who’s paying $150 a month right now, 30 years from now, would be paying $538 a month. That’s just using the historical average price increases that are expected to continue. So instead of spending $54,000 with the power company, you would actually spend $109,000 with the power company.

You can go solar for zero down. You can have monthly payments that are locked in. They are guaranteed to not increase. It’s a fixed payment, so you can lock in the cost of your electricity. Those payments will be about the same as or less than what you’re currently paying at today’s rate. And as time goes on, you will save more and more money as the power company raises the prices and your solar payments stay fixed.

As you look at the pink versus the blue, I mean, it’s an obvious question, but which would you rather pay? That section of the pink graph is way more money than what you would spend on solar.

If somebody was renting their home and they had an opportunity to buy their home instead of renting with zero down payment payments less than or equal to what they are currently paying as a renter, who wouldn’t take that opportunity?

And the same thing goes for solar. Why wouldn’t you go solar? If you can save a ton of money, it’s literally zero down. You’re already spending money with the power company. You can take that money and you can put it towards an asset, put it towards investment and spend a lot less in the meantime and have that added equity to your home. It’s so much better for the environment.

Most of the power that is generated here in Utah and Colorado comes from burning coal and natural, natural gas. So much better for the environment.

And here at Smart Wave Solar, we also offer an emergency power supply at no additional charge. Most solar stops working when the power goes out. But we have a patent for technology that we’ve developed where we can offer you that emergency power. So with all of these benefits, there’s really if you can save a bunch of money and have all of these benefits on your power instead of renting from the monopoly because the power companies, they have a monopoly and there’s not really any other option. You can’t go shop around at different power companies and get a better rate if they raise the prices. You have to pay those higher prices. Unless you go solar, and then you take control of your financial situation, you take control of the cost of your electricity and you have all of these benefits, you get major tax credits. There are just so many reasons to go solar.

The last thing that I want to touch on is some people say, well, solar panels don’t work as well as the sales. People tell you that they’re going to work. And so all that money that they say you can save, you’re not really going to save it because the solar panels don’t produce as much electricity as they say they’re going to produce. Well, we take care of that. With a production guarantee. When solar panels are installed incorrectly, that’s absolutely true, they can dramatically underproduce what their potential is. But our production guarantee says in writing how much your solar panels are supposed to produce. And if they’re not producing that amount, we will come back and we will fix them for free. Or we will add additional panels for free, or we will cut you a check to cover the difference to compensate you for that lost production.

With this production guarantee, you can rest assured that your solar panels are going to produce the electricity that we say they will. So you can save all of that money.

We would love to put together a specific bid for you, for your house. We can get a copy of your power bill, and we can use some very sophisticated software. Creates a 3D model of your home, does a full shade analysis, and figures out exactly how many solar panels you would need in order to cover your electricity needs. And we can give you the cost of that. We can show you how much money you can save and show you a design of what the system would look like.

There’s absolutely no obligation. If you get a bid, it will be no pressure. You can go on Google. You can read our reviews. We have multiple reviews that say no pressure. They didn’t pressure me to buy. We just want to educate. If it makes sense to you, great. We’d love to help you out. If you say, hey, solar is not for me, then no problem. That’s fine also. But it’s really worth looking at because you can save a ton of money and you can have so many other benefits that come along with solar.

Here at Smart Wave Solar, we are an honest solar company. We truly strive to help out our customers. And you can see the proof is in the pudding. If you go online, you’ll see our online reviews across a variety of different websites.

We’ve got very happy customers. 93% of them say they would recommend a friend or family member. We have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

You can even stop by our office either out in Denver or in Bluffdale, Utah. You can see our warehouse, you can meet some of our employees, and can look at the panels and see how much money you can save with Solar and see whether Solar is right for you.

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