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Smart Wave Solar makes it easy to switch to Clinton solar energy. Whether you’re concerned about the environment or want to curb those monthly energy bills, switching to solar provides many advantages. Of course, you want to work with expert technicians who know what they’re doing.

How Much Can You Save With Solar?

Our Smart Wave Solar crew proudly provides services in and around the Clinton, UT, area. We work with various homeowners and understand that each property has unique needs. Pairing attention to detail with unparalleled services and prices, we’re here to serve you and your neighbors.

Why Our Team Recommends Switching to Solar Energy

Solar energy continues catching on, with more Davis County citizens switching. Starting as a humble farming town, Clinton’s population has grown and is still growing. Solar energy is becoming a smart and economical decision for powering Clinton homes and businesses. Let’s explore some of the significant benefits of Clinton solar energy.

Higher Home Equity

Many residents dream of selling their homes and moving elsewhere for retirement. Whether they move across the country, around the globe, or just into another house down the street, increasing a home’s equity can significantly help.

More people are willing to pay premiums for a home powered by solar energy. Outfitting your home with solar panels can increase its equity up to 4.1 percent. Even if you don’t plan to sell, you’ll still benefit from lower energy bills.

Our Backup Battery System

Sometimes, it helps to have an energy source you can take with you. Our patented backup battery is entirely portable, giving you power wherever needed. Whether you’re dealing with an emergency blackout or want to go camping without going wholly primitive, our backup battery system has you covered.

This backup battery can power various electronics or appliances, including mini-refrigerators. These batteries come in handy in times of crisis and when you’re cut off from the modern world.

An Emergency Backup System

While our backup battery can work in a pinch to power some devices, our solar installations come with an emergency backup system, which is advantageous for dire situations. This large outside battery allows you to power your home with electricity should you lose power from the grid.

This system can help keep you and your family safe during a natural disaster or a power outage. This backup is essential if you have family members with medical devices requiring electricity.

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Proudly Providing Solar in Davis County

Alongside Clinton, our Smart Wave Solar team provides solar energy for other cities in Davis County, as well as in Salt Lake and Utah Counties:

  • Bountiful
  • Centerville
  • Clearfield
  • Clinton
  • Farmington

  • Fruit Heights

  • Kaysville

  • Layton

  • Mutton Hollow

  • North Salt Lake

  • South Weber

  • Sunset

  • Syracuse

  • West Bountiful

  • West Point

  • Woods Cross