Smart Wave Solar Serving Salt Lake County

Smart Wave Solar is based in Bluffdale, and we provide solar panel installation in nearby Utah communities. We are committed to helping our neighbors find the best solar energy options for their homes.

How Much Can You Save With Solar?

Your technicians will be highly experienced and focused on excellent customer service. We design each solar energy system for each home, and we can maintain your system in the coming decades.

Growth of Solar Power in Salt Lake County

  • Possible increase in your home’s worth. We have seen that home sale prices can increase by thousands of dollars after photovoltaic panels are installed and working.
  • Cost is becoming less expensive. The prices of home solar panels have been dropping for several years. Utahns noticing these better deals are jumping into the market. It is also now easier to secure financing or a lease on them. Plus, you could receive tax incentives or rebates on your system.
  • Effectiveness in Utah. We live in one of the sunniest states in this country, making solar power more abundant here.
  • More helpful in emergencies. Our solar energy systems can now power your critical appliances—and medical devices—for 3 to 10 days during a grid outage. Your system can also include energy storage options, which are now portable.

Also, solar power could decrease the air pollution here in the valley. Many residents struggle with the local air inversions. As utility companies burn coal to create power, the smoke is trapped under the inversion layer, causing respiratory problems. As more Utahns switch to solar, less coal may be burned.

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Solar Savings

Can you afford solar power? Many people use the savings they receive to pay for their system. For example, our local utility companies, such as Rocky Mountain Power, can give you credits if you purchase an energy storage system and allow it to be used in the power grid.

You can also lower your energy bill with a system called “net metering.” This means you allow any extra energy created by your system to be added to the grid, which is then basically bought by your utility company, reducing your bill. Net metering also helps to offset your cost of buying power during the night or on cloudy days.

There is also a federal tax credit of 30% of the cost of a photovoltaic system installation, which could give you a very helpful refund on your tax return. There is also a Utah tax credit offering state tax incentives for homes with installed renewable energy systems. As of 2022, the maximum tax credit is $800. However, it will only be $400 by 2023 and none starting in 2024.

Tax credits have been decreasing over the last few years and are slated to decrease again in 2022. To enjoy this year’s higher percentage, you’ll need to get your system installed as soon as possible.

Areas of Service in Utah

We serve the area from Logan all the way south to Manti, including Tooele, Vernal, and many other communities. Technicians can reach you if you live within two hours of the point of the mountain.

Buy your solar panel system from Smart Wave Solar. Visit our website to get a free quote on a system with superior emergency backup power and ongoing energy savings.