As recent news headlines indicate, electricity costs are rising across the U.S. In 2021, the price of electricity skyrocketed at the quickest rate in over a decade. More home construction has meant greater energy consumption, and this increase in demand has caused a spike in electricity prices.  

Fortunately, solar power savings can make a world of difference. Let’s look at how to lower your electric bill by switching to solar energy.

How to Lower My Electric Bill with Solar Energy

Solar is a smart way to power your home. It’s affordable. It’s reliable. But most importantly, it can help you reduce your utility costs. Let’s consider how solar energy can “lighten” your electric bill and why it’s a good option to consider.

Locked-in Prices

When you rely on power companies to supply your electricity, you are essentially renting your energy—and the cost of that “rent” can change at any time, and without notice. This means that your energy bill could go up every time the market changes or a surprise storm blows in. If you’re like the average American, you could end up paying more than $86,000 in electricity costs over a 30-year period.

Switching to solar lets you buy your electricity, allowing you to eliminate your electricity bill completely or significantly reduce it. You’ll have a fixed rate, which means your monthly bill will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

Zero Down Payment to Start

Many hesitate to make the switch to solar because they worry they won’t be able to afford the initial installation costs. What they don’t realize, however, is that you don’t need to make a large down payment to make the switch. Smart Wave Solar offers a zero-down payment model with monthly payments as low as $39 per month. 

You can essentially divert the money you’re already paying for your electricity bill and put it toward paying off your solar panel installation. Once your panels are paid off, you can enjoy years of low utility payments.

3 More Benefits of Switching to Solar

Switching to solar provides more than solar power savings. It offers residents protection from blackouts and a fluctuating energy market as well. Below are just three of the bonus advantages to making the switch.

  1. No More Reliance on the Power Grid

    As cities expand to accommodate a growing population, the current electricity supply is getting thinner as the country’s power grid is overworked. Electricity costs are increasing as a result.

    By switching to solar, you eliminate your reliance on the power grid, giving you the freedom to effectively set your own energy rate.

  2. Power During Blackouts

    Due to climate change and a failing grid system, forecasters expect power outages to become more common and last longer. With a solar system, your house can have energy throughout a power outage thanks to the emergency-ready systems.

  3. Support of the Environment

    Burning fossil fuels currently comprises 60.8% of the grid’s energy source, which is not sustainable. Meanwhile, only 20.1% of that energy comes from renewable sources.

    Using solar panels reduces your impact on the environment. One solar panel has roughly 20 times less carbon footprint than coal-powered electrical sources. 

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Switching to solar benefits both your wallet and your peace of mind. Partner with a solar installation company you can trust and choose Smart Wave Solar for everything from solar panels to emergency power planning. 

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