Installing solar panels in your home or business is a good way to reduce energy costs (or even eliminate them entirely). It’s also an excellent way to promote the switch to renewable energy sources. That said, there are some hidden costs when you install solar panels with the wrong company.

Smart Wave Solar’s practices avoid many hidden costs of solar panel installation we’ll discuss in this article. The last thing we want for hopeful “sols” is for them to commit to such an upgrade, only to find that the project will cost them much more than they bargained for. 

Let’s take a closer look at what can happen when you use the wrong company to install your solar panels and the hidden costs that come with it.

  1. Undersized Systems

    Solar companies use design software to determine how many solar panels you need to offset your energy costs. The software uses your house’s layout, average energy consumption, and many other factors to determine how many panels your home would need.

    There are several different kinds of design software, but not all are well-designed. Some solar companies recommend systems undersized for your home, meaning your solar panels won’t produce enough electricity. This can mean you still pay a lot on your electricity bill and suffer under the weight of those solar panel installation costs.

  2. Overreliance on Energy-Saving Technology

    You’ll find some solar companies that offer free LED lightbulbs, a smart thermostat, and other energy-saving devices to offset your need for more solar panels. They’ll try to tell you that you don’t need nearly as many solar panels if you switch to more energy-efficient practices. 

    This is simply not the case. Smart thermostats and LED bulbs represent a minuscule difference in the grand scheme of your electricity bill. You may still notice energy bills that are much more expensive than you bargained for—the company probably downsized your solar system to cut their costs, not yours.

  3. Murky Expectations

    Many people expect their solar panel system to eliminate their electricity bill, but that’s not always the case. An important thing to know about solar energy is that some solar systems are designed to offset the majority of an energy bill, not all of it.

    Whether your solar system is made to wipe out your power bill or to just cover the majority, your solar company should establish that expectation outright. If they don’t, then you may be surprised when your power bill comes back and is nowhere near as low as you thought you were promised.

  4. Lack of a Production Guarantee

    At Smart Wave Solar, we’re proud to offer a production guarantee. Suppose your solar panels don’t produce the amount of electricity we promise. In that case, we’ll compensate you for the difference or return to install more solar panels free of charge (check our installation agreement for more information).

    We offer this guarantee because we’re confident in our product and installation practices. If you work with a solar company that doesn’t offer this kind of guarantee, they may not be as confident in their system, leading to more money out of your pocket down the road.

  5. Shabby Panel Installation

    Some companies simply don’t do a good job at installing your solar system. Something may go wrong with your solar panels in a few years or even months. If the company you used doesn’t accept responsibility for a bad installation job, you’ll have to pay a significant amount for another company to repair or reinstall new panels.

    You should always work with a company that has some kind of quality guarantee. Smart Wave Solar’s workmanship guarantee is valid for 25 years, meaning we’ll come back and repair whatever you need the second an issue arises.

You Can Trust Smart Wave Solar

Trust is the most important quality in a solar company: trust that the solar panels will deliver as promised and trust that the solar company will install the panels correctly. And when it comes to trustworthy solar companies, there’s no competition with Smart Wave Solar.

Contact Smart Wave Solar today to learn more about our solar panel installation or get a free quote. We guarantee transparency, efficiency, and professional solar panel installation that will save you money on your electric bill in no time.

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